ABOUT US: Hungarian Magister Foundation

Our organization, the Hungarian Magister Foundation (Magyarországi Magiszter Alapítvány) was established in 2000 in Debrecen, Hungary. The operation of the establishment covers the whole area of Hungary, namely the Central Hungarian Region with Budapest, the Northern Hungarian Region, the Northern Great Plain Region and the Southern Great Plain Region.

Primarily, our tasks are generating co-directional strategies managing the Roma integration, operating social economy and self-supporting communities, family furtherance, confirming social duties, youth labor, generalizing volunteering, enhancing international contacts, developing tourism investment programs, cooperation among different fields; meaning the whole of non-governmental, governmental and economic interoperability.

Our foundation has an extremely significant operation to retain jobs. 60 to 70% of school-leavers find work on the labor market, or they can preserve their jobs. At present 35 people work in foster-parent network, they take part in family care as their employment is more successful after finishing school. We have a constant interop with 4 sociologists. In the Roma programs we aim at exchanging experiences, research development and we take part in preparing Roma programs. Many of our school-leavers continue their studies in tertiary education or rather they launch out on an enterprise.

One of the goals of our foundation is to create the new model of walk of life which not only gives Roma people opportunities by providing lifelong learning in all stages of life from infancy, but also produces potentials of solutions for Romas in the fields of education, learning, re-socialize and spare time – its launching is in process currently.

Main activities: education, vocational training – in accordance with the needs of the market, our cooperation also covers these bases. Adult-education, talent guidance, project generation, assisting employment, social actions, aiding the equality of chances, organizing the opportunities of lifelong learning, offering labor market services, expanding non-governmental connections, operating the Non-governmental Service Centre, a persistent enlargement of interregional collaboration.

Basic function: providing public education by maintaining an institution

Since 2004 our foundation has maintained an institution uniting a kindergarten, a primary school, a grammar school, a secondary school and a vocational school. Since the establishment of the foundation our informing principles are educating, training, psychological programs and furthering the families of the underprivileged and people born Roma. To effectuate the programs we have convenient professionals- 25 social specialists, 6 special teachers of the defective, 2 psychologists, 180 teachers, 4 economists, experts, sociologists, EU expert as permanent staff as well as 3 ecclesiastical people in other economic activities as mediate associates.

It was in 2004 that the first classes were organized to provide school system based evening education for adults. Since then, there has been a tendency of an increase in the number of duties and educational tasks due to the establishment of the new premises through the years.

In 2004 we started the education with 160 people in Debrecen. By now this number has turned into 1451 on a nationwide scale. This rate shows a growth of 800 per cent. In 2004 the number of school-leavers was 42; however in 2010 a successful GCSE exam was taken by 187 people.

In 2008 we initiated vocational training. At present nearly 150 students take part in trainings included in the National Register of Vocations.

In the school year of 2011-2012 we will begin school system based education in our technical secondary school, and vocational school in regular and evening classes on several of our premises in the social, educational, agricultural and food industrial groups of vocations.

In 2004 the authorized number of students was 250 in Debrecen and the nearby locations. Now we are making efforts to fill up the authorized number of 3570 students on the basis of national registration of students by constant developments in accordance with our current authorizations.

The Hungarian Magister Foundation is an institution accredited to educate adults.

Our operations in this area are:

Trainings preparing for qualification and employment (trainings on self-recognition, motivation and learning methodology)

Training guidance ( providing information and administration )

Trainings included in the National Register of Vocations conducted on courses in cooperation with job centers in all the regions

Our business cooperation and assistance are widening solidly.

In the course of commencing trainings we extremely consider the following:

supporting diversity

standing for determination against discrimination


career guidance, talent support

Our professionals

Besides occupying nearly 200 full-time and part-time employees we steadily get in touch with experts, however in our staff there is sociologist, psychologist, and special teacher for the handicapped, public education expert, employee of international connections, cultural anthropologist, economist, economic experts, and co-workers dealing with Roma integration.


Since 2011 our organisation, youth leaders got experiences in Youth In Action programme. We have experiences as a partner in educational projects organised abroad within Youth In Action programme. We work with youth in age of 14-30 years. Our organisation unite young people who would be active, would got some experience in youth exchange and want to improve their language and other skills. We help they to learn something new from Europen Union. Important for us to work on both local and intercultural projects.